At GD Goenka School, Aurangabad, we understand that a student's journey through academia is not just about academic achievements but also personal growth and well-being. Our dedicated counselling team is committed to providing comprehensive support and guidance to our students, ensuring their overall development and success.

Our experienced counsellors create a safe and inclusive environment where students can openly discuss their concerns, seek guidance, and receive personalized support. Whether it's navigating academic challenges, exploring career paths, or addressing personal or social issues, our counsellors are here to lend a compassionate ear and offer valuable insights.

Through individual counselling sessions, group workshops, and awareness programs, we aim to empower students with essential life skills, such as effective communication, stress management, decision-making, and conflict resolution. Our counsellors work closely with parents and teachers to foster a collaborative approach, ensuring a seamless support system for our students.

Additionally, our counselling team plays a crucial role in promoting mental health awareness and creating a nurturing school environment that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusivity, and cultivates an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

We believe that by providing comprehensive counselling services, we not only support our students' academic journeys but also equip them with the resilience, emotional intelligence, and life skills necessary to navigate the challenges of today's world and emerge as confident, well-rounded individuals prepared for future success.