Music And Dance

Music And Dance

Our collaboration with Edu-Music for training children for Bagpiper band

Ata Edumusic India Pvt Ltd ( A Unit of Bagpipers Music Inc.) is the fastest growing organization in the field of Military Band. We are working with more than 135+ Schools in 40+ Locations across India.

We are focusing on to develop a Army culture in the school and helping them to establish OWN SCHOOL BAND , So they can celebrate all schools functions like Army.

Our mission is to make childrens holistically developed and motivated so they can be fit and active to their day to day life .

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Why Drammjamm?

DrammJamm has been created with the vision of curriculum-based learning for educational institutions across India to enhance the aptitude of performing arts in the young learners the objective of NEP-2020.

DrammJamm partners with progressive schools to provide music, dance & theater as a subject for school children’s and utilizes curriculum-based education as a catalyst to instill thereby nurturing motivation.

Our collaboration with Dramm Jamm for training children in CASIO & DRUMS.

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