School Transport

Our school transport service is designed with the utmost consideration for the safety and comfort of our students. We operate a fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles that comply with rigorous safety standards and undergo frequent inspections. Our drivers are skilled in defensive driving techniques and adhere strictly to all traffic laws. Beyond their role of transporting students to and from school, they serve as friendly and reliable figures, ensuring a pleasant journey for our students.

Safety remains our top priority, and we have instituted several measures to guarantee the secure transportation of our students. Each vehicle is fitted with seat belts, and we enforce strict seating arrangements to minimize any risk of accidents. There is a robust system in place for regular communication between drivers and the school, allowing us to monitor routes, schedules, and handle any unforeseen issues promptly. In emergencies, our drivers are trained to act quickly and appropriately, ensuring the safety of all students at all times.

To further ensure the safety of our children, each bus is accompanied by a teacher and a lady guard/ayah who oversee that students board and deboard the bus safely.

Transport Available From

  • Aurangabad Town Area
  • Amba, Hariharganj
  • Obra, Daudnagar
  • Deo, Madanpur